Monopoly Madness Coming Soon to the Nintendo Switch!!!

As many people already know the Monopoly board game has been popular in America since its inception back in the mid 1930’s. For the most part the Monopoly franchise has remained one of the most high profile board games in the US throughout the 20th century; and is still considered to be an attraction among contemporary games in 2021. It was recently revealed that an upcoming game developed by Ubisoft known as Monopoly Madness will be released for multiple game systems right before Christmas vacation. Monopoly Madness is expected to appear on the Nintendo Switch, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows. The current release date for Monopoly Madness is December 9th and it seems like the game is being heavily promoted for the Switch console more than anything else. Similar to previous Monopoly games players will be able to purchase properties while collecting money and resources to upgrade along the way. It has been revealed that players will be able to compete against up to five different players with at least 20 different arenas to play in. Ubisoft has also confirmed that Monopoly Madness will have at least 20 playable characters and various power-ups from Community Chests from bulldozers to jackhammers to help players gain the edge over their competitors. Its uncertain how successful Monopoly Madness will be on any console seeing how the board genre of gaming has significantly declined for at least the past two decades or so.

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