Should Rayman be re-released for the Nintendo Switch?

As many people know Ubisoft’s original Rayman game from ‘95 is considered to be a classic that still holds up pretty well for the most part over 29 years later. While the 2nd and 3rd Rayman title from ‘99-‘03 were 3D sequels the very first game stood out a lot because of its highly detailed 2D level design. Even though, Rayman’95 was most likely overshadowed by a variety of video games that appeared on the PS1 during the late 90’s; the game itself was almost every bit as enjoyable as the Sonic trilogy for the Sega Sega Genesis. Rayman ‘95 did not do too well in sales on consoles such as Sega Saturn because the game system was not a huge commercial success in America. While Rayman had appeared on Android and iOS devices back in ‘16; the game has never been ported for the Nintendo Switch. Its questionable on whether or not a Switch port of the original Rayman game or even the entire trilogy would be an attraction today.

Its unlikely that Ubisoft will bring Rayman to the Switch console especially since the demand within the online gaming community is not high enough. If anything a brand new Rayman game would be a bigger attraction than bringing the trilogy from ‘95-‘03 to the Switch console. In fact, there has been rumors swirling around online that we are supposed to get a brand new Rayman game sometime between 2022-2023. If we get a new Rayman game for multiple game systems including the Switch console that would be big news. As far as the Rayman trilogy is concerned its best that its left in the past since its been about two decades since the series has truly been relevant. Despite, the platform genre not being nearly as popular as it was during the 90’s a brand new Rayman game can definitely help revitalize the series.

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  1. THIS IS THE ONLY GAME I WANT ON THE SWITCH. I have been looking for ways to play this and the online fan version whilst good, leaves a lot to be desired. its so nostalgic for me, i must have completed it 50 times as a child.

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