Should the Turok trilogy be ported for the Nintendo Switch?

As many know the Turok series had peaked in terms of popularity during the late 90’s-early 00’s era of gaming. As a home console first person shooter game for the N64 Turok: The Dinosaur Hunter was ahead of its time especially since the genre had yet to reach apex in relation to popularity. The very first Turok title from ‘97 reached at least 1.5 million copies in sales and was arguably the most successful installment within the series. Despite, the first Turok game selling more than its predecessors many people would go on record and argue that Seeds Of Evil from ‘98 was the best installment overall. Turok: Seeds Of Evil had a much darker level design in comparison to its ‘97 predecessor while the non-canon Rage Wars game from ‘99 had a robust multiplayer mode. Even though, Turok: Shadow Of Oblivion from 2000 was considered a solid entry within its series it was overshadowed by Rare’s Perfect Dark title which was also released that same year. The world has not seen a major release of a Turok title since ‘08 and some wonder whether or not the N64 trilogy along with Rage Wars should be ported for the Nintendo Switch.

Considering the fact that the first person shooter genre is more popular now than its ever been there is no question that the Turok trilogy would appeal to both old-school and casual gamers. In the past Acclaim Entertainment was the publisher for the N64 Turok titles; before the company filed for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and went defunct in 2004. The likelihood of the Turok trilogy from ‘97-‘00 appearing on the Switch console seems slim considering the fact that Dreamworks Classic currently owns the rights to it. Also, the demand to get the Turok trilogy ported to the Switch console is not really high within the gaming community. Also, first person shooter games are not as popular on the Switch console in comparison to the likes of PS4, Xbox One or even Microsoft Windows.

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