Should the Saints Row trilogy be ported to the Nintendo Switch?

When it comes down to exciting action-adventure titles from the mid 00’s-early 10’s one of the most exciting series of video games that we got was the Saints Row trilogy. Even though, the Saints Row games from the past were not as successful as Grand Theft Auto titles from the 00’s; it was a great alternative for those who were into gang-banging action adventure games. The Saints Row trilogy is beloved for the most part with the 2nd third installment being the best depending on who you ask. While PS3 & Xbox 360 owners had the opportunity to play the older Saints Row titles those who were only Wii owners never had the chance to play them. In fact, no major installment of the Saints Row series had never appeared on Nintendo based consoles. Nintendo is more for children while Microsoft and Sony gaming consoles targets mainly adults. If THQ or a big gaming developer decided to port the Saints Row trilogy to the Switch console it would probably be a commercial failure. Normally, first party games are the best sellers on consoles like the Switch console since they were created and heavily markedly by Nintendo.

Also, there are more popular action-adventure titles from the past and present that would have more success on the Switch that are more recent. While nostalgia can be a good thing at times especially if certain games are critically acclaimed classics; gaming developers should not constantly dwell on past successes and try to create more innovative compelling video games in the present. However, it seems that we are never going to get a new Saints Row title that had the same levels of success that mirrors or exceeds the ones of the late 00’s-early 10’s. Even though, we are supposed to get a brand new Saints Row game sometime early 2022 it feels different from the first three installments.

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