Should Nights Into Dreams get an HD Remake?

The Nights Into Dreams game tagliatelle appeared on the Saturn console during the mid 90’s was one of the best non-Sonic titles that Sega had produced during that decade. Nights Into Dreams was a very innovative 3D action title that seemed ahead of time following its ‘96 release. The graphics, level designs along with the flight mechanics included in Nights Into Dreams were among the few things that critics were intrigued by. Nights Into Dreams was one of the first major 2.5 dimensional games to have mainstream success and was one of the biggest attractions on the Saturn console during its brief time span in retail. Since its initial release Nights Into Dreams has been ported to consoles like the PS2, PS3, Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows. The latest installment within the Dreams series was released back in ‘09 for the Wii console and we never got a sequel for that title. There is very little doubt in many people’s mind that the Dreams series is dead considering how much gaming has changed since the 90’s. However, Nights Into Dreams is a nostalgic classic that old school gamers who were huge Sega fans would still play in a heart beat.

The question is whether or not a Nights Into Dreams HD remake would be an attraction on Microsoft Windows or possibly the Switch console. As it currently stands simple action games like Nights Into Dreams are not big attractions like they were over 20 years. Instead we live in a era of gaming were RPGs, action-adventure, first-person shooters and online multiplayer games are among the very best things. While a Nights Into Dreams game might appeal to casual gamers or children its something that young adults in this day and age would naturally gravitate to. The idea of having a 4K HD Nights Into Dreams game on the PS5 or Xbox One X would not be a good idea and would most lie set the game up for failure on a commercial level. Video games in general are considered to be more complex today and Nights Into Dreams is a game that is outdated by over 20 years.

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