Retro Gaming 10’s- Need For Speed: Rivals (2013)

Need For Speed: Rivals was a game that was released back in ‘13 for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One. Need For Speed: Rivals was developed by Ghost Games and published by Electronic Arts. Need For Speed Rivals was one of the few games developed by Ghost games during the 10’s decade along with titles like NFS: Payback & NFS: Heat which were released between ‘17-‘19. While many people loved the graphics and gameplay for NFS: Rivals the game has somewhat of a reputation for being unforgiving. Also, there have been many people who have complained that NFS: Rivals is too difficult when playing as a racer while trying to avoid the cops. The car count in NFS: Rivals was low for a standard racing title and the game basically lacked a story mode. Despite, some of the criticisms that NFS: Rivals has faced over the past several years the game was still praised for various features including its soundtrack, controls, map design and gameplay. For those who a huge fans of single-player 3D racing title NFS: Rivals was pretty fun game. Even though, online multiplayer was present in NFS: Rivals it could have definitely been better.

The online multiplayer was one of the many strong points of the game and despite being somewhat limited in terms of players per game the creators did the best they could. The online multiplayer game mode was good by early 10’s standards. Along with aggressive artificial intelligence in relation to players dealing with the cops; one of the biggest frustrations people had towards the game was the inability to pause it which kinda detracts from the overall experience of NFS: Rivals. Following its initial release there had also been complains about bugs and glitches as it related NFS: Rivals but obviously there was nothing present that was too serious. While NFS: Rivals was not on the same level of popularity as the Need For Speed game from 2012 it was also far from being the worst entry within the series as well. Compared to the likes of Need For Speed: Payback from 2017 NFS: Rivals was one entry within the series that people could easily gloss over as it relates to the 10’s decade. Also, there were games within the Forza series that had more to offer as it related to racing genre based gaming with Gran Turismo 6 also being a huge attraction during that time period.

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