Would Legend Of Zelda be a box office attraction in Hollywood?

The Zelda series has been around since the mid 80’s and become legendary within the world of gaming over the past three decades. Despite, the older installments within the series from the NES, SNES and N64 eras being more iconic; it seems like the quality series only got got better over time. There are many people who argue that Zelda: Breath Of The Wild may be the greatest installment within the entire series along likes of Ocarina Of Time from 1998. Even though, Nintendo is supposed to be coming out with Breath Of The Wild 2 sometime in the future; Nintendo is arguably within peak of evolution in terms of quality as it relates to the Zelda series. Ever since the mid 80’s the world has not seen hardly any high profile Zelda movies despite its growing popularity over the past three decades. The closest thing to a high profile Zelda movie that we got was an independent Joel Musch back in 2009. The Legend Of Zelda: Hero Of Time seemed loosely based on the Ocarina Of Time game and was pretty decent for a low budget indie film. Also, at some point we were supposed to get a Legend Of Zelda live-action series that was set to appear on Netflix a few years ago.

There had been reports early in ‘21 that the Legend Of Zelda Netflix series was cancelled due to media leaks regarding its development dating back to 2015. The idea of a Hollywood movie based on games Ocarina Of Time, Link’s Awakening, Majora’s Mask or even Breath Of The Wild would be very interesting. Obviously, Nintendo has no plans on bringing the Legend Of Zelda to the big screen anytime in the near future and is more focused on Super Mario. Its been common knowledge since Summer 2020 that a new Super Mario Bros movie is set to be released sometime next year in 2022. Since Mario is Nintendo’s greatest creation and arguably the most recognizable name in gaming; making a Super Mario movie would definitely be a box office attraction. While the Zelda series has remained captivating for over the past 30 years the silent medieval protagonist Link is not nearly as popular as the Mario character. Also, trying to making a movie adaptation of one particular game would be challenging for filmmakers in relation to storytelling; since the timeline for the Zelda series is extremely complex. While the allure of the Zelda series would probably be enough to make long time fans check out a potential movie; many people would most likely lack faith Hollywood to produce a good Zelda movie despite its budget.

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