Bravely Default reaches new milestone!!!

Its been almost a decade since Bravely Default was released for the Nintendo 3DS back in 2012. Bravely Default was a turn-based RPG developed by Silicon Studios and was published by Nintendo and Square Enix. Bravely Default was praised for a variety of things including its battle system, storyline and its job system. The setting of Bravely Default took place in the fictional world of Luxendarc where players got to control a party of four characters. Players had the opportunity to do almost everything you would see in a typical RPG including selling weapons interacting with NPC’s while participating in group party chats. There many strong positives within Bravely Default from the visuals all the way down to the soundtrack. It was recently revealed that Bravely Default had reached over 3 million copies in sales worldwide; which is pretty good for a JRPG that is not a first party Nintendo game. While there are definitely more popular JRPG’s one the 3DS game system Bravely Default looks a game that could have shined more on the Wii-U in 2013. While the visuals for Bravely Default II which appeared on the Switch console in February 2021 are more superior; the first installment from 2021 was arguably better overall.

If anything the first Bravely Default installment should be remastered for the Switch console next year; since October 2022 will mark the ten year anniversary of the game itself. Seeing how Bravely Default II was released a few months ago it will likely be close to a decade before we see a Bravely Default III. Either way, the fact that Bravely Default is still popular about nine years later is testament to how popular this JRPG was in the early 10’s as well as today. The idea of Square Enix and Nintendo producing spin-off games within the Bravely Default series down later down the line sounds appealing. However, it seems like Square Enix and Nintendo has bigger fish to fry at the moment in relation to upcoming video games for the Switch console.

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