Retro Gaming 00’s- F-Zero: Maximum Velocity (2001)

As many people know the F-Zero series began back in the early 90’s during the 16-bit era of gaming. The original F-Zero game appeared on the SNES back in ‘91 and was followed by a 3D sequel for the N64 in 1998. While the F-Zero series arguably reached its peak in popularity during the 90’s; Nintendo was still producing F-Zero titles in the early 00’s. Back in ‘01 Nintendo had NDcube develop a game entitled F-Zero: Maximum Velocity for the Game Boy Advance. The cool thing about F-Zero: Maximum Velocity was the fact that it looked almost exactly like the original game from 1991. In fact, F-Zero: Maximum Velocity was like the spiritual predecessor for the ‘91 game that we never got to see on the SNES. F-Zero: Maximum Velocity had a pretty basic control scheme that allowed players to take actions like accelerate, break and boasting. The plot for F-Zero: Maximum Velocity took place about 25 years following the original game from ‘91. Also, unlike previous installments within the F-Zero series Captain Falcon was absent in Maximum Velocity since the game focused on a new generation of racers. Along with Captain Falcon popular characters from the series like Pico, Dr. Stewart and others were absent in Maximum Velocity as well.

We did get to see the introduction of new characters like Kent Akechi who was allegedly Captain Falcon’s son. The gameplay consisted of races where players had to compete five laps while racing against nineteen other opponents. The main single player mode for Maximum Velocity was Grand Prix where players could adjust the level of difficulty for the game. If players won on “expert” mode in each series they were able to unlock the “master” level difficulty. The racing series within Maximum Velocity were represented by chess pieces such as: Bishop, Pawn, Knight and Queen. Also, in each race players were expected to finish within the top three which was a task easier said than done. As a racing title for the Game Boy Advance; F-Zero: Maximum Velocity was quite possibly one of the best games 32-but game system next to Super Mario: Super Circuit from 2001. Also, F-Zero: Maximum Velocity managed to sell as much as the original SNES title from ‘91 by reaching over one million copies sold. Even though, Maximum Velocity from the early 00’s is often overlooked it was a great racing that probably could have been more successful on the SNES console back the mid 90’s.

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