Greatest Super Mario game of all-time?

The Super Mario series has been around since the mid 80’s dating all the way back to ‘85. While the original Super Mario Bros titles for the NES is considered to be legendary its also one of the best selling video games of all-time. The original Super Mario Bros game had reached over 58 million in sales since its initial NES/Arcade release in the 80’s. As far as quality is concerned it seems like each major Mario game seemed to improve as the decades progressed. While games like Super Mario Bros III, Super Mario World and Super Mario 64 from ‘88-‘96 are considered to be nostalgic classics; some Nintendo’s best work in relation to the Super Mario series came within the past fifteen years or so. Super Mario Odessey from ‘17 was arguably the best installment within the entire and was universally praised by various gaming publications. Super Mario Odyssey is currently the sixth best selling video game on the Nintendo Switch by reach over 20 million copies sold. Super Mario Odessey had almost everything you ask for in a platform game and more. Super Mario Odyssey had a compelling storyline, good soundtrack, stunning visuals, amazing level designs and an unforgettable ending involving Mario, Bowser and Princess Peach in relation to the Moon Kingdom.

The inclusion of Cappy was also a major feature in Super Mario Odessey that many found intriguing since it had never been done prior to ‘17. Super Mario Odyssey was a massive success on a commercial level and was considered to best best video games within its genre during 2017. As it currently stands Odessey is probably the greatest 3D Super Mario video game Nintendo has made. While Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2 were both highly successful some would put Odessey above those two games in terms of overall quality and replay value. The world is still waiting for a direct sequel to Super Mario Odessey. However, its hard to imagine how Nintendo would top the Odessey game unless they made a sequel that would allow players to choose more characters opposed to just Mario. Even though, the older Super Mario games from the 80’s & ‘90s are iconic the series has managed to age like fine wine over the past three decades.

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