WarioWare: Get It Together confirmed for Fall 2021!!!

The announcement of WarioWare: Get It Together was a pleasant surprise to some people as it was confirmed to the Switch console at Nintendo’s Direct Presentation at E3 2021. This upcoming title is a sequel to WarioWare Gold which was released back in ’18 exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS. While WarioWare Gold received strong reviews from various gaming publications and critics it flopped in sales due the 3DS declining in popularity by the late 10’s. If WarioWare Gold was released for the Switch console it probably would have perform better than it did on the Nintendo 3DS. We have learned that WarioWare: Get It Together will feature 2-player co-op gameplay and will include at least 200 different micro and mini games. The plot for WarioWare: Get It Together involved Wario and his friends getting sucked into their own chaotic video games. While WarioWare: Get It Together is meant to be an action-party type of game it looks and feels very unique with its 2D gameplay. Its nice to know that Nintendo is trying to create a party type of game with Wario which is very different from the likes of Mario Party in terms of gameplay.

WarioWare: Get It Together vacillates between 2D & 3D level designs with all types of outrageous and humors mini games; which stays within the realm of being rated “E” despite some of the crude humor presented. Also, some of the micro games in WarioWare: Get It Together are references or even parodies of popular Nintendo games like: Ice Climber, Luigi’s Mansion and Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Even though, many people were probably hoping for a spiritual successor to Wario Land: Shake It from ’08; its possible that Nintendo may release another Wario platform title within the next few years or so. Until then, WarioWare: Get It Together will be available in retail on September 10th later this year; it can be pre-ordered on Nintendo’s eShop for $49.99 before its official release.

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