Will Dragon Quest III 2D-HD Remake be a huge attraction?

This year marks the 35th Anniversary of the Dragon Quest series which started back in 1986. As many people know on of the most popular installments in the series Dragon Quest III will be receiving the Octopath Traveler treatment in terms of both gameplay and visuals. Square Enix’s re-release of the 1988 NES classic is being called Dragon Quest III 2D-HD. Since its initial release on the NES console during ’88 Dragon Quest III managed to reach at least 6.4 million copies worldwide in sales. Back in the 80’s 2D JRPG genrewas not nearly as popular it eventually became during the early 90’s along with the early to mid 00’s; for game systems like the Super NES and Game Boy Advance/SP. Dragon Quest III was arguably the best game within the RPG genre during the NES era prior to the popularization of 16-bit gaming in the early 90’s. In the past Dragon Quest III had been remastered for game systems including the SNES and Game Boy Advance where it still managed to be somewhat of an attraction to hardcore JRPG fans. Even for casual gamers of today’s generation Dragon Quest III is a game that is worth playing for a variety of reasons.

The digitally remastered versions Dragon Quest III for the SNES & GBC had a great class system, soundtracks along with a unique open world map design which contributed to its appeal. Seeing Dragon Quest remade in 2D-HD is like a dream come true for gamers of the NES/SNES era; mainly because its something they probably wanted to see back in the 90’s. In fact, if the Secret Of Mana & Trials Of Mana Remakes from ’18-’20 was remade in 2D-HD; then they both could of been much bigger attractions on the PS4 or Switch console. This upcoming version of Dragon Quest III will include overhauled environments while retaining the pixel artwork for characters to give the game a more retro vibe. As it currently stands Square Enix has yet to reveal the official release date for the Dragon Quest III 2D-HD Remake. Hopefully, Dragon Quest III 2D-HD Remake is released sometime between Q3 2021-Q2 2022.

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