Will Square Enix release Dragon Quest XII in 2022?

As many people are aware the Dragon Quest series has been around for the past 35 years since its NES release back in 1986. Square Enix celebrated the 35th anniversary of the Dragon Quest series back on May 27th. As far as special projects and upcoming releases are concerned Squarely Enix has given us some exciting new in relation to the Dragon Quest series. It has been announced that we are finally going to get Dragon Quest XII on the PS4, Nintendo Switch and Microsoft Windows which will utilize the Unreal Engine 5. The last major entry within the Dragon Quest series came back in July 2017 when Dragon Quest XI was released. It was reported back in September 2020 Dragon Quest XI had reached at least 6 million copies in sales since its release in 2017. The are many people who wonder who successful Dragon Quest XII will become following its upcoming release. The only problem is that Square Enix has yet to confirm an official release date for Dragon Quest XII. In fact there are many people who are hip that Dragon Quest XII will appear on multiple game consoles worldwide in 2022.

In regards to details concerning Dragon Quest XII such as the storyline along with the gameplay there still very little we know. However, it was mentioned by the series creator Yuji Horii that Dragon Quest XII will be slightly darker than it predecessors. Also, the gameplay in Dragon Quest XII will receives overhaul as it relates to the combat system. While a majority of Dragon Quest games tend to be turn based JRPG’s the idea of potentially seeing Action-RPG gameplay for this upcoming sounds pretty cool. There is no doubt the Square Enix will provide everyone with an in-depth look on what to expect in Dragon Quest XII during their E3 2021 Presentation between June 13th-14th.

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