Retro Gaming 90’s- WWF Rage In The Cage: (1993)

There are many people who are well awareness of how popular pro wrestling was during the 90’s. Before the start of the Monday Night Wars from ’95-’01 between WWE formerly known as WWF had started to New Generation Era in ’93; which was a departure from the company’s famous Golden Era which lasted from ’82-’92. When it came down to gaming we got to see a few titles released in ’93 such as WWF Royal Rumble which appeared on multiple game systems; along with Rage In The Cage which was a Sega CD exclusive. There were probably more people familiar with the Royal Rumble title from ’93 since it appeared on the Super NES and Sega Genesis. While the Sega CD did not sell nearly as much as the Genesis or Super NES it was more superior in terms of quality. In fact, the gameplay and visuals for WWF Rage In The Cage looked like a carbon copy of the Royal Rumble game from ’93. However, unlike the Royal Rumble ’93 players had the option of choosing a Cage Match as a stipulation in this particular game. It should be noted that WWF Rage In The Cage had a larger roster compared to the Royal Rumble ’93 game.

WWF Rage In The Cage featured 20 different wrestlers including the likes of Bret Hart, The Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, Randy Savage, Rick Martel, Mr. Perfect, Razor Ramon, Ted Dibiase and more. While the visuals WWF Rage In The Cage looked as polished as its spiritual predecessor there were a few drawbacks that were instantly noticeable about this game. WWF Rage In The Cage lacked a Tag-Team mode which definitely detracted from the overall replay value of the game itself. Also, for the most part the action gameplay for WWF: Rage In The Cage remained mostly unchanged from Royal Rumble ’93 despite being a somewhat modified version of that title. The only way players were able to win matches were through pin fall because submission moves only weakened opponents instead of making them tap out. WWF: Rage In The Cage also lacked a Royal Rumble mode which was strange since the game featured a large roster of wrestlers.

Instead, players were presented with four basic modes including One on One, Brawl, Tournament and Cage Match. Even though, each of those game modes were exciting another issue that was presented within the WWF: Rage In The Cage was the poor sound quality. Considering the fact that Sega CD is a more superior game system than the Genesis and the SNES; it should have been able to produce better audio opposed to the same 16-bit quality sound that we got for Royal Rumble ’93. Overall, WWF Rage In The Cage was a fairly decent game for its time that could of definitely of been better. If the Sega CD was more popular back in the day than its possible that WWF: Rage In The Cage could have got more exposure to the causal audience of gamers than it did.

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