Could Final Fantasy VII have worked on the N64 in 1997?

Final Fantasy VII is arguably the greatest 3D RPG of all-time and was one of the best selling games within its genre during the late 90’s on the PS1. Since its initial release back in January 1997 Final Fantasy VII managed to reach over 10 million copies in sales and was the second best selling title on the PS1 behind Gran Turismo. By the late 90’s the PS1 was the most popular console in the world and outclassed its competitors in terms of popularity. While the N64 console was more superior in terms of quality it was not quite as popular as the PS1. Also, the N64 saw the absence of high profile JRPG titles which may of had a negative effect on the console’s overall success in retail between ’96-’01. There retro gamers who are aware that the SNES feature a variety of JRPG’s which made the console appear more desirable to own in comparison to the Sega Genesis. If Nintendo had done business closely with Square Enix from ’96 onwards its possible the world would have saw FFVII released for the N64 opposed to the PS1. While FFVII would have looked much better on the N64 in ’97; its questionable how well it would have performed from a sales standpoint.

Its most likely that Final Fantasy VII would have been a massive success on a commercial level for the N64 and would have looked more polished than it did on the PS1. However, the story for the original FFVII provided players with at least 25 hours of gameplay and featured lengthy loading times. Its quite possible that Final Fantasy VII could of worked on the N64 with the inclusion of an Expansion Pak if the game were released sometime in 1998. But since PS1 simply was a more popular console than N64 from the mid 90’s onwards because it appealed mainly to teens and young adults. The N64 appealed more to children and was generally more family-friendly with the first party Mario games being the main attractions. Final Fantasy VII stood out more on the PS1 mainly because it was a better platform for third party games to gain more recognition than the N64. While FFVII could have worked on the N64 in theory while still selling millions worldwide; its unlikely that it would have been as successful as it was on the PS1 during the mid to late 90’s.

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