Could Doom 3 have worked on GameCube in 2004?

The Doom series is one that is considered legendary with the very first game from ’93 being considered arguably the best installment within the series. While the original Doom game from ’93 felt like it was ahead of it time; Doom 3 came out during a time period where first person shooters became very popular. When Doom 3 was initially released by Activision it first appeared on Microsoft Windows in August 2004. Doom 3 did not appear on Xbox until ’05 which makes people wonder why it was never ported for PS2 or GameCube. Its obvious that Doom 3 would have been overshadowed on the PS2 during the mid 00’s considering all of the high profile titles that came out for the console between ’01-’05. During the 00’s we saw best sellers on the PS2 such as: Final Fantasy X, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Gran Turismo 3 & 4 and many more. GameCube mainly had first party games such as: The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker, Metroid Prime, Mario Kart: Double Dash and others become to seller during its time in retail. While we did get to see Resident Evil 4 on GameCube in ’05 which became very popular following its release; Nintendo sixth generation console was definitely lacking in high profile survival horror games.

Its quite possible that Doom 3 could have been a huge attraction on GameCube during the mid 00’s prior to the releases of Xbox 360 & PS3 in between ’05-’06. There was no question that GameCube was more of family based console while the PS2 & Xbox was more geared to cater to young adults. The blood, gore and violence normally seen survival horror games would probably standout less on a Nintendo based console since the most popular titles on GameCube were generally rated E. Doom 3 was characterized mainly by its dark atmosphere and looked like a game that would take up a substantial amount of memory in relation to game data. PS2 memory cards allowed players to save more game data than that of GameCube; which would probably detract from the overall gameplay experience of Doom 3 being on GameCube in 2004. While the idea of Doom 3 appearing on GameCube in the mid 00’s would have been awesome; it probably would not have been as successful as it was on Xbox or Microsoft Windows during the mid 00’s onwards.

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