Could Ducktales have worked on Sega Genesis in 1989?

The Ducktales animated television series was one of the most popular shows to have emerged from the 80’s along with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. After Disney’s Ducktales television show was released back in ’87 Capcom eventually created a single-player platform game based on the show in 1989. The Ducktales game for the NES was arguably one of the most popular platform titles from ’89 for the NES mainly due to the popularity of the show. Following its release in ’89 Ducktales managed to reach at least 1.6 million copies in sales which was pretty decent for a third party platformer which appeared on the NES. It should also be noted that the Capcom’s Ducktales title was also ported for the original Game Boy system the following year in 1990. The Game Boy port of Ducktales was just approximately as successful as the NES version and reached over 1.4 million copies in sales. The fact that Capcom’s Ducktales title was released in ’89 makes you wonder why the game was never ported for the Sega Genesis back then. The Sega Genesis had more superior gameplay & graphics than both the NES & Game Boy and could have stood out more on that console in 1989.

It should also be noted that the very first Sonic the Hedgehog game did not come out until ’91. The Sonic the Hedgehog trilogy from ’91-’94 pretty much overshadowed almost every other game on the Sega Genesis. Ducktales could have made a bigger splash on Sega Genesis unopposed with possibly bigger sales numbers than it did on the NES where the Super Mario Bros trilogy was the main attraction. In fact, some still question to this day why none of the original three Ninja Gaiden titles for the NES never appeared on Sega Genesis either. It was common knowledge that Temco was also third party and that their Ninja Gaiden titles from ’90-’91 could have been more popular on the Genesis console during the early 90’s. Even though, the NES was starting to become obsolete between the late 80’s-early 90’s with the 16-bit gaming becoming more popular; NES was still the most widely purchased console throughout the world during that time period. The NES was so popular that it remained in American retailers until ’95 and was discontinued in Japanese markets in 2003. Ducktales was perfect on NES even though it would have been nice to see a Genesis version of the game during the early 90’s.

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