Retro Gaming 00’s- Crazy Taxi 2: (2001)

As many people know the original Crazy Taxi game from ’99 was considered to be a smash hit in arcade centers. While arcade racers were starting to decline in popularity during the 00’s; titles such as Crazy Taxi 2 remained somewhat popular during the first half of the 00’s decade. Crazy Taxi 2 was developed by Hitmaker and published by Sega and was released for the Dreamcast console during Spring 2001. Crazy Taxi 2 was probably one of the last high profile video games that appeared on Dreamcast before Sega stopped producing consoles in ’01. There are most likely a handful of people who own Crazy Taxi 2 since it was a Dreamcast exclusive unlike its successor which appeared on Xbox in 2002. In terms of gameplay Crazy Taxi 2 was pretty similar its predecessor but had new noticeable features which added to its overall quality. Crazy Taxi 2 allowed players to drive multiple passengers opposed to only one for each fare which made the game appear more realistic. Also, Crazy Taxi 2 included a new feature called “Crazy Hop” that allowed players to jump over items to save time while driving to different destinations. Some would probably argue that the “Crazy Hop” feature detracted from the realism of the game; but since Crazy Taxi 2 was an arcade racing title it really did not matter.

Similar to the previous game Crazy Taxi had a time limit which players had to reach their destination before its expiration. Players who failed to drive their passengers to certain places within a specific period of time did not earn anything. Crazy Taxi 2 kept track of the total amount of money players earned from driving along with each fare; providing them with an overall time limit in relation to gameplay. Even though, the arcade racing genre has greatly declined in popularity since the late 80’s-90’s decades Crazy Taxi 2 definitely deserved a re-release outside of the Fare Wars title for PSP in 2007. Also, the developer could have done more to improve the quality of Crazy Taxi 2 from it predecessor; instead of producing carbon copy of the original with minor updates. If the Sega Dreamcast was around for bit longer its quite possible that the Crazy Taxi series could of ended becoming more popular than it became.

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