Retro Gaming 80’s- H.Q. Chase: (1988)

When it’s come down to racing classics from the 80’s there are many people who probably remember the H.Q. Chase game from 1988. Chase H.Q. was a vehicular combat arcade racing title developed and published by Taito which involved capturing criminals within a certain time period. In some ways people can make the argument that Chase H.Q. was somewhat like the late 80’s version of Need For Speed before it even existed in the early 90’s. However, in Chase H.Q. players assume the role of the police opposed to the criminal who is attempting to outrun law enforcement. Chase H.Q. had five different levels where players had to try and stop criminals on the road by ramming into the back of their car multiple times. Generally, players were expected to stop criminals within a certain time limit that could range anywhere between to 60-70 seconds. The gameplay for Chase H.Q. looked similar to that of Sega’s Outrun game from ’86 in terms of visuals and gameplay which added to its appeal. Despite, Chase H.Q. not as popular as the universally acclaimed Outrun title from ’86; the concept of capturing criminals through vehicular combat was still pretty innovative during the late 80’s-early 90’s.

After stopping each criminal players could accumulate points based on how skilled they are in terms of gameplay. Those who were able to successfully capture criminals without using any continues on a level were rewarded with an additional with 100,000 points. The main criminals within each level had their own specific car whether they be old-school Lamborghini’s or Porsche’s. Also, each criminal that players apprehend in different levels are convicted of different felonies which added a bit of variety to H.Q. Chase. While H.Q. Chase looked great and was a pretty fun game to play back in the day; it seemed like a pretty simplistic racing that could have been a bit longer with the inclusion of more levels. While H.Q, Chase is often seen by many as spiritual successor to the Full Throttle from ’87; in some ways H.Q. Chase was more exciting than Full Throttle with high speed chases along with being able to bring criminals into justice within the process.

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