Retro Gaming 00’s- Ape Escape 2: (2002)

The early 00’s a great time to be a fan of gaming considering all of the cool things that happened during that time period. In late 00’s the world witnessed the release of the PS2 console in November 2000; along with the releases of Microsoft’s very first Xbox console and Nintendo’s GameCube system in ’01. As many people know action-adventure and shooter games were starting to become popular during the 00’s following the release of games such as GTA: III, Vice City, San Andreas for the PS2. For those who owned Xbox consoles the first and second Halo games along with toylike Doom 3 were played almost religiously. While first person shooter slowly began to rise in popularity during the first half of the 00’s decade; 3D platformers remained a significant attraction during the PS2/Xbox era of gaming. In 2002, the world got to see the release of Ape Escape 2 which was developed by Japan Studio and was published worldwide by Sony Computer Entertainment. Ape Escape 2 was the successor to its ’01 prequel which also appeared on the PS3. The Ape Escape 2 was critically acclaimed by various gaming publications as a worthy sequel to what the developers produced in the first installment of the series.

Ape Escape 2 contained twenty adventurous levels with the setting and plot following the events of Ape Escape 2001. After the main character known as Spike who a teenage boy prevents Specter from taking over the world in Ape Escape ’01; Specter ends up returning as the main antagonist for Ape Escape 2. While Specter has plans to create havoc throughout the world he ends up capturing the professor this time around. While Spike has the assistance of his friends including Natalie, Jimmy and his baby robot Pipotron he must stop Spector and his army of cronies from taking over the world. Throughout, the game players see themselves utilizing various devices to capture monkeys including: Stun Clubs, Super Hoops, Slingback Shooters, Water Nets to achieve their objective. Ape Escape 2 also saw the introduction of new and effective gadgets used to capture monkeys including the Electro Magnet, Bananarang along with the Water Cannon.

Players were also able to unlock bonus content by gathering Gotcha Coins throughout the game that could be spent by using a gashapon machine. As far as high quality platformers are concerned in relation to gameplay Ape Escape 2 was almost as good as Jak & Daxter from ’01. To say that the early 00’s had some underrated platform titles from the PS2/GameCube era would be an understatement to say the least. Ape Escape 2 may have arguably been the best entry within the main series from ’99-’05. Even though, its been over fifteen years since Ape Escape 3 came out; a potential sequel to the game would definitely turn heads within the gaming world.

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