Retro Gaming 10’s- Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions (2010)

Spider-Man has been an iconic fictional figure since the early 60’s following the release of the very first comic book back in 1962. Since then we have seen various movies and animated television shows within the Spider-Man franchise that were considered to be memorable as it relates to Marvel in general. While there have been countless Spider-Man video games that have been released since the Atari/NES era of 80’s; there are many who believe that some of the best games within the entire series came out between the late 00’s-early 10’s. When it comes down to memorable Spider-Man games from the 10’s decade one of the main titles that comes to mind is the Shattered Dimension from 2010. Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions was released during the PS3/Xbox 360 era of gaming and also appeared on game systems such as Wii, Nintendo DS along with Microsoft Windows. Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions was a game that a very intriguing plot which revolved around an ancient artifact known as the “Tablet Of Order and Chaos”. In Shattered Dimensions the artifact is broken into pieces following a confrontation between Spider-Man & Mysterio; leading to a disturbance across multiple realities within the universe.

The concept of the game is for players to gather pieces of the shattered tablet that has been scattered across different dimensions from iconic Marvel villains. Shattered Dimensions allowed you to play as four different versions of Spider-Man including Noir, Amazing, Ultimate and 2099. Each version of Spider-Man is recruited by Madame Web and are sent to retrieve the seventeen pieces of the artifact. Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions had approximately thirteen levels total and the game on average would take players anywhere between eight to ten hours to compete. The main story in Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions would take players roughly under ten hours to get through; which was something that some critics may have seen as a negative. While the overall storyline for Shattered Dimensions was good the game itself could have been longer. The graphics for Shattered Dimensions were great and the gameplay was considered to be a strong positive since each version of Spider-Man had their own move set. As players progressed throughout the game they could acquire new moves by defeating enemies or through the “Web Of Destiny” after completing various challenges.

The game included some cool boss battles with the likes of Doctor Octopus, Hobgoblin, Juggernaut, Vulture and even Deadpool who’s popularity had grew as the 10’s decade progressed. Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions was so popular back in ’10 that it lead to the creation of a comic book series in ’14; along with the creation of the Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse film from 2018. The Spider-Verse movie from ’18 had a budget of $90 million and generated over $375 million within the box office; while becoming arguably one the greatest Spider-Man movies ever made. Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions was definitely one of the best superhero related action-adventure games from the early 10’s; along with being one of Beenox’s most high profile video games outside of the Call Of Duty games from 2016 to 2020.

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