Retro Gaming 00’s- Devil May Cry 3: (2005)

When we think about some of the best games that Capcom has ever made over the past 30 years or so; its almost impossible to have that conversation with anyone without bringing up Devil May Cry 3 from 2005. Devil May Cry 3 was developed and published by Capcom and was the direct sequel to DMC 2 which was released back in ’03. Since its initial release Devil May Cry was received a notorious reputation for being one of the most difficult action-adventure hack n slash games ever created. While the high level of difficulty regarding the American version of Devil May Cry 3 has been seen as a negative by many critics and fans of the series; just about every other aspect of the game was close to being flawless. The fast-paced gameplay along with the storytelling aspect of Devil May Cry 3 were considered to be strong positives; as the plot for DMC 3 centered around the sibling rivalry between Dante and Vergil. Devil May Cry 3 was pretty special because not only did we see the return of Dante’s brother Vergil who was absent from the second game; but we also saw the debut of Arkham’s daughter Mary who had an intriguing backstory.

Mary was a demon hunter who wanted revenge on her father Arkham for her mother’s death while becoming a close ally to the main character Dante. Not only was the visual presentation for Devil May Cry 3 impressive with the inclusion of pre-rendered motion videos; but the in game mechanics seemed more sophisticated than anything you would see in a generic action-adventure hack n slash title. Players were expected to be throughly skilled at combat in order to fill up their fighting gauge. While battling foes and trying to reach the levels of SShowtime & SSStylish on their battle gauge; players had to avoid repetitive moves in combat while evading as much damage as possible in the process. Also, the Devil Trigger transformation was one that many people were impressed by despite the fact that it could not be utilized towards the beginning of DMC 3.

Similar to that of the original DMC game players see interesting twists and turns as it related to the plot of DMC 3. Not only did Dante & Vergil end up working together to defeat Arkham but they also end up fighting each other towards the end of the game because both wanted the legendary Force Edge sword. Devil May Cry 3 was arguably one of the best titles that Capcom had produced during the 00’s as it reached over 2.3 million in sales following its release on PS2. Since its initial release during the mid 00’s Devil May Cry 3 has been re-released for various game systems including PS3, Xbox 360, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch between 2012-2020. Devil May Cry 3 is arguably considered to be the best installment within the entire series and still gets talked about today. While the sequel Devil May Cry 4 from ’08 ended up being largely successful there are many fans who would still put DMC 3 above it in terms of lasting appeal.

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