Should Square Enix remake Children Of Mana for Nintendo Switch?

As many people know a remastered version Legend Of Mana is set to be released for the Nintendo Switch later this year on June 24th. At this point Square Enix has managed to remaster the most famous installment within the Mana series from ’93-’99. While Secret Of Mana along with Seiken Densetsu were RPG classics during the SNES era Legend Of Mana was overshadowed on the PS1 fur the late 90’s. Another entry within the Mana series that does not get talked about too often is Children Of Mana from 2006. For those who do not know Children Of Mana appeared on the Nintendo DS during the mid 00’s; by that time period the series had already sharply declined in popularity. That is not to say that Children Of Mana was a bad game but rather one that people were uninterested in as it relates to the mid 00’s. As many people know the 00’s in general was decade where western gamers became attracted to genres such as: action-adventure along with first & third person shooters. While JRPG’s still appealed to western gamers to some extent the main titles that people were remotely aware of during the 00’s included the likes of FFX, FFXII, Skies Of Arcadia, Kingdom Hearts, etc.

Also, as it relates to the Nintendo DS there were plenty of JRPG’s that were far more successful than Children Of Mana and received more attention between the late 00’s-early 10’s time period. There were titles such as: Ethan Odyssey III, Dragon Quest V, The World Ends With You along with Pokémon HeartGold/SoulSilver which ended up becoming bigger attractions in the Nintendo DS. Despite, not being a huge attraction for the Nintendo DS long time fans of the Mana series would love to see a remake of Children Of Mana for the Switch console. However, the demand among fans of the Mana series is not high enough online as it relates to a potential remake of Children Of Mana. Also, Square Enix has not announced any plans on remaking the JRPG classic from ’06. While its possible that somewhere later down the line we will get a Children Of Mana remake; that something that seems less than likely at the moment.

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