Will Neo Geo Versions 2 & 3 become huge attractions in the console wars?

As many people know SNK’s Neo Geo console line was popular back in the 90’s. Ever since the end 90’s decade it seems like the popularity of SNK’s Neo Geo product line had declined considering the fact that Microsoft joined the console wars during the 00’s decade. Which Sony dominating the console wars with their PlayStation product line it seemed like SNK could not compete with its competitors Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft over the past two decades. It was announced back in ’19 that SNK had plans on creating new game systems known as Neo Geo 2 & 3; in addition to developing a new Metal Slug video game. Based on what we know the upcoming Neo Geo 2 is supposed to be a semi-open platform game console with built-in games. Along with the inclusion of built in video games players will be able to purchase titles for the Neo Geo 2 which is why it’s referred to as a semi-open console. There is hardly info regarding the upcoming Neo Geo 3 console but we do know that SNK’s upcoming KOF XV game will be running on the Unreal Engine.

Even though, we have yet to see the Neo Geo 2 & 3 there are questions regarding whether or not they will be huge attractions within the gaming world. If SNK made brand new games for Neo Geo 2 & 3 that were spiritual successors to the likes of KOF ’98 , Metal Slug XX that would definitely turn heads. As relates to developing game consoles aside from Neo Geo Mini which came out in ’18; SNK has not produced nearly as much as Nintendo, Sony or Microsoft within the past two decades. While Neo Geo consoles are seen as obsolete by some compared to the likes of PS5, PS4, Xbox One, XBX and Switch; they still appeal to older gamers who came up during the arcade era of gaming during the early to mid 90’s. Along with Google Stadia and mobile gaming becoming more popular today the idea of SNK jumping back into the console wars is something that would be very interesting.

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