Should Nintendo have saved the 64DD for 2001?

The Nintendo 64 was without a doubt one of the most memorable game consoles of the 90’s decade along with the PS1, Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo. At one point Nintendo ended up version of the N64 back in ’99 known as 64DD which remained exclusively in Japan. The 64DD not only featured a storage capacity of 4.5 MB but it also had an online service through Randnet which made the system more appealing than the original N64 console from ’96. The 64DD was released exclusively in Japan and remained in retail for about two years before being ultimately discontinued in 2001. The 64DD reported sold approximately 15K units within Japan before its discontinuation in ’01; leaving many people to wonder how well it would have sale-wise outside Japan. It’s no secret that the online connectivity feature for the 64DS was designed to compete with the Sega Dreamcast; which also contained a build-in modem for Internet support and online gameplay. However, the 64DD was inferior in terms of both graphics and gameplay comparison to the Sega Dreamcast between ’99-’01. Even though, 64DD was not as good as Dreamcast in terms of quality it still could have been a huge attraction during the 00’s if it were marketed correctly.

While the GameCube console is a nostalgic in the eyes of many retro gamers the truth is that the console flopped in terms of sales compared to its predecessors. If GameCube was backwards compatible with the N64 and had similar features to that of the 64DD; the console could have possibly been just as successful as the original Xbox game systems. In ’04 the Nintendo DS was a huge attraction since it managed to reach over 154 million units in sales. The gameplay and graphics that the N64 had to offer was something that was still appealing during the 00’s decade. If 64DD was released worldwide in ’01 opposed to Nintendo GameCube the console it could have possibly been a huge attraction. There were games such as: Zelda: Majora’s Mask, and Perfect Dark from ’00 that many people were still huge fans of within the first few years after they were released. the 64DD could have possibly been more successful commercially than GameCube was from ’01 onwards ; especially since GameCube had limited memory card storage in comparison to the likes of the PS2.

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