Could Streets Of Rage 2 have worked on Sega CD?

Streets Of Rage 2 is considered to be one of the most legendary beat em up games of all-time following its release back in ’92. Aside from the Sonic the Hedgehog trilogy Streets Of Rage 2 was one of the few high profile video games to come from the Mega Drive/Genesis console back in the early 90’s. Despite, its level popularity on the 16-bit console Streets Of Rage 2 the game was not too successful on a commercial level. However, there were other titles on the Genesis/Mega Drive console such as: Altered Beast, Jurassic Park along with the Sonic trilogy that managed to reach over one million in sales separately. Some wonder whether or not Streets Of Rage 2 could have performed better on Sega CD which also came out in ’92 as well. While Sega CD only managed to sell over 2.2 million units following its release; the console was more superior than the Genesis system which sold over 30 million units worldwide. The Sega CD console not only had a faster CPU than the Genesis but it also contained features such as sprite scaling and rotation which was impressive back in ’92.

A beat em up game like Streets Of Rage 2 would have looked beautiful on Sega CD and probably would have stood out more on that console. The fact that we got a Final Fight port for Sega CD in ’93 but nothing for Streets Of Rage 2 is baffling by itself. Its possible that Sega had no idea on how popular Streets Of Rage 2 was and never considered bringing the game to their CD console between ’92-’93. Also, Sega seemed more focused on the Genesis console competing with its 16-bit rival Super Nintendo in terms of producing better games. If Sega had produced a Streets Of Rage game exclusively for Sega CD between ’92-’93 or released SOR III for the the Saturn console in ’94 both would have been very interesting. However, by the time we got to the mid 90’s 2D side-scrolling beat em ups had already lost its value as a genre because of the emergence of 3D gaming with PS1 & N64.

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