Retro Gaming 90’s-Vectorman 2: (1996)

Its a well known fact that 2D side scrolling action platformers began to decline in popularity during the mid 90’s and unfortunately that is when Vectorman 2 was released. Vectorman 2 was developed by Blue Sky Software & Drooling Dog Studios and was published by Sega and was released for the Mega Drive console in Q4 1996. In the eyes of many people it would have made more sense to release Vectorman 2 for the Sega Saturn during the mid 90’s. The Saturn console was released by Sega in ’94 and provided better visuals and gameplay quality than the Genesis/Mega Drive console which was becoming obsolete around ’96. Vectorman 2 was released shortly after its prequel came out in the Sega Genesis during ’95. While the gameplay in Vectorman 2 largely resembled that of its predecessor there were noticeable differences that were included related to gameplay. Vectorman 2 provided players with a new set of fire power including pulse beam, energy shot, in addition to super shot guns. The ability for players to morph into animal-like creatures was also a pretty cool feature since it added a layer of complexity to the gameplay of Vectorman 2.

While the graphics and gameplay were strong positives in Vectorman 2 the game also had a very basic plot which involved the emergence of a new main villain. Vectorman 2 saw Black Widow Queen as the main antagonist following the defeat of Warhead in the first game from ’95. In Vectorman 2 players have to go through 22 levels of destroying mutant insects which each becoming more difficult as they progress throughout the game. Unlike, the first Vectorman game players are unable to utilize full-level transformations to battle the bosses in Vectorman 2. Even though, Vectorman 2 was more difficult than its prequel it was still a pretty solid platformer; it could have been more successful on the Genesis console between ’90-’93. Despite, Vectorman 2 being a solid platformer for the Sega Genesis during the mid 90’s; it most likely got overshadowed by the likes of PlayStation & Nintendo 64 during the console wars that was going on during the time.

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