Should Donkey Kong Jr have been remastered on the SNES?

When we think about arcade classics that appeared on the NES console back in the 80’s one of the few titles that comes to mind is Donkey Kong Jr. from 1982. Not only was. Donkey Kong Jr. interesting because of the fact that it was a vertical-based platform game; but it was also the first and last time Mario was featured as the main villain of any Nintendo based video game. Even though, Donkey Kong Jr. may not have been quite as popular as its prequel from ’81 it was a game that caught the eyes of many people during the early 80’s. The plot for the game revolves around Donkey Kong Jr. trying to recuse his father Donkey Kong while overcoming various obstacles in various different stages after being captured by Mario. Since its initial release during the early 80’s many people have been baffled as to why Donkey Kong Jr. was never remastered for the Super NES during the early 90’s. Its quite possible that Donkey Kong Jr. was not nearly as popular as the Super Mario Bros trilogy from ’85-’88. After all, we did get to see the Mario Bros trilogy remastered for the SNES in ’93 under the name Super Mario All-Stars.

By the mid 80’s-early 90’s side-scrolling 2D platform games became far more popular than what we got in games like Donkey Kong Jr. in 1982. Also, from ’85 onwards Mario has been portrayed as a heroic character and was making millions of dollars for Nintendo as the company’s main mascot. Its quite possible that Nintendo did not want to portray Mario in a negative light during the SNES era of the early to mid 90’s. It should be noted that Donkey Kong Jr. was far too simplistic of a game in comparison to the likes of Super Mario World from 1990. There would not have been much appeal if Nintendo had digitally remastered Donkey Kong Jr for the SNES during the early 90’s. The idea of basic arcade style platformers began to decline when the beat em up along the the fighting genre of gaming became popular during the 90’s.

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