Did Castlevania 64 get overlooked in 1999?

The Castlevania series has been around since the 80’s and many people often forget about the very first 3D installment that appeared on the N64 in 1999. Castlevania 64 saw a new introduction of a new main protagonist by the name of Carrie Fernandez. In many of older installments of the Castlevania series we saw Simon Belmont as main character; while Alucard served as the main character of Castlevania: Symphony Of The Night which came out for the PS1 in 1997. One of the reasons why Castlevania 64 was overlooked was because there were much better games within the series from the 80’s and the early to mid part of the 90’s that were more enjoyable. The older Castlevania titles were 2D side scrollers a style of gameplay that fans of the series became accustomed to since the NES era. Also, Castlevania: Symphony Of The Night was mainly a 2D side scroller despite the game placing slightly more emphasis on the action role-playing elements in comparison to preceding titles within the series. While the audio and visuals for Castlevania 64 was mainly praised by various critics the cameras & controls in relational the gameplay were seen as negatives.

Also, Castlevania 64 was not nearly as good or popular as Symphony Of The Night which was arguably the best game within the series from the 90’s. Not only was the PS1 more popular than the N64 in the late 90’s but there were much bigger games on that console during that time period as well. There games such Final Fantasy VII & VIII, Tekken 3, Gran Turismo and others from from ’97-’99 that were on the PS1 that sold millions and attracted more consumers who were gamers by the late 90’s. Also, first party titles such as: Super Mario 64, Zelda: Ocarina Of Time and Mario Kart 64 were considered to be the main attractions; along with third party titles including Goldeneye 007, Pokemon Stadium and Turok: Dinosaur Hunter. Castlevania 64 was not necessary a bad game and it received pretty fair reviews following its release. However, Castlevania 64 did not live up to everyone’s expectations in terms of overall presentation in comparison to older games within the series.

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