Will we see a Metal Gear Solid VI in the future?

As many people know the Metal Gear Solid series has been around since ’87 when the original game first appeared on the MSX2 Computer in Japan. Since then the MGS series had grew in popularity overtime especially following the release of “Metal Gear Solid: Tactical Espionage for the PS1 back in ’98. Since the late 90’s we have seen numerous games within the MGS series between the 00’s & 10’s decade that ended up becoming critically acclaimed classics among various gaming publications. In terms of which installments within the Metal Gear Solid series was considered the best is a debatable topic within the online gaming community. While the most recent entry within the Metal Gear Solid series MGS V: Phantom Pain from ’15 was coming to be the best installment within the series; there are some people who would go on record and argue that Metal Gear Solid: The Snake Twins from ’04 was a better game overall.

Since its release many people have wondered what not Konami along with Kojima Productions will ever release a Metal Gear Solid VI game in the future. However, it was revealed back in ’15 that the creator for the MSG series Hideo Kojima was let go by Konami. Apparently, there were budget issues between Kojima and Konami due to the fact that he wanted to give fans the best gaming experience possible. Unfortunately, Konami was unable to approve Kojima’s request because they saw his demands as a financial burden on the company as a whole; which dramatically reduces possibility of a potential MSG: VI game in the future. Despite, not being affiliated with Konami anymore the idea of funding a Metal Gear Solid VI game through Kickstarter would sound appealing to many fans of the series. However, the amount of money needed to make Metal Gear Solid VI a reality would be insane. The budget for Metal Gear Solid V was approximately $80 million which is more than three times the amount of money that was raised for the Pebble Time stopwatch; which was considered the biggest Kickstarter campaign ever. Also, it’s doubtful that Kojima would be okay with working with a small smaller budget than what he had with Metal Gear Solid: VI. So for the time being it would be safe to presume that Metal Gear Solid series is currently on a hiatus for now. But seeing how Kojima has worked with Konami on the Metal Gear Solid series for over 30 years; its hard to picture Kojima working with another publisher aside from at this point.

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