Could Devil May Cry 4 have worked on the Wii in 2008?

When it comes to critically acclaimed hack and slash games from the late 00’s one of the few titles that people think of is Devil May Cry 4. As many people know Devil May Cry 4 was initially released for the PS3, Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows back in 2008. The voice acting, visual presentation along with the storyline for Devil May Cry all received a positive reception from various gaming publications. Also, the inclusion of Nero as the main protagonist opposed to Dante was also something intriguing at the time to say the very least. Seeing how Devil May Cry4 was a high profile hack n slash title; some would argue that Capcom really missed a good opportunity to bring to the Wii console over a decade ago. Generally, Capcom had released pretty much every Devil May Cry game from the 00’s either on a PlayStation or Xbox based console. However, if Capcom had made an exception with the Wii console in the late 00’s Devil May Cry 4 could have been a big attraction on that particular game system. The Wii nunchucks and remote was perfect for the type of gameplay that we saw in Devil May Cry 4.

While the quality of a Wii port for Devil May Cry 4 would have been inferior compared to the PS3 & Xbox 360; the gameplay experience would have been more interesting. Also, it’s a known fact that the Wii console ended up becoming more successful than the PS3 & Xbox 360 in terms of sales. The Wii console had reached over 101 million in sales and ended up becoming one of the best selling game systems of the 00’s. Despite, the fact Devil May Cry 4 was not quite as popular as DMC 1 & 3 it was still a very popular hack n slash title overall. While Devil May Cry 4 could of been a huge attraction as a third part game for Wii; it was always possible that the game could have been overshadowed by the first party Mario titles from that era. There were games such as Mario Kart Wii which reached over 37 million in sales that could have easily overshadowed a game like Devil May Cry back in the late 00’s. The DMC games that had Dante as the main character opposed to Nero were generally seen as bigger attractions depending on who you ask.

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