Should Oddity be released for Nintendo Switch?

As many people are well aware the development for the fan-made Oddity game began back in 2010. For those who are familiar with the Mother series which originated back in back in ’89; it was common knowledge by now that Mother 3 from ’06 was supposed to be the final installment within the series. While Mother 3 was released exclusively in Japan and was never officially localized in America the 00’s; there were many people who had been fans of the series since Mother 2 was released on the Super NES back in ’94. It was reported that the demand among for a Mother 4 had been high shortly after the release of Mother 3 back in 2006. The reason why we never got a Mother 4 game was simply because the creator Shigesato Itoi along with Nintendo had no plans on making one. The fan made Oddity game was supposed to a spiritual successor to Mother 3 which was supposed to be released sometime between 2014-2015. Unfortunately, the Oddities fan made RPG was never released during the mid 10’s since the project was never fully complete.

It was reported that the development team for Oddity consisted of eight people who were working on a part-time schedule. Based on what we know Oddity is a game that has nine environmental soundtracks along with visuals that capture the essence of the last two Mother games. As it currently stands Oddity which is now dubbed by others as “Mother 4” has no official release date as of yet. In fact, there are many people who are anxious to see Oddity appear on the Nintendo Switch or even the upcoming Nintendo Switch Pro console sometime in the future. Even though, the Mother series was not a huge attraction back in the 90’s or the 00’s the gaming world has changed a lot since then. As a indie RPG the Oddity title definitely has the potential to shine on gaming platforms such as Steam; since old school pixel art games from the 16-but era are big attraction among PC users who are fans of retro gaming.

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