Retro Gaming 00’s- SNK Gals’ Fighters: (2000)

There are many people who grew up during the late 90’s-early 00’s who have never heard of SNK Gals’ Fighters from ’00 for the Neo Geo Pocket Color. The reason for that is because the Neo Geo Pocket Color was not any more popular in America than any of SNK other consoles. While game systems such as Neo Geo AES and Neo Geo CD were considered to be too expensive in the 90’s; Neo Geo Pocket Color was simply overshadowed by the likes of PS1, N64, Game Boy Color and PS2 during the year 2000. While the Neo Geo Pocket Color was not nearly popular in North America as Game Boy Color it still had a unique look to it. SNK Gals’ Fighters was also considered to be unique because it was among one of the first all-female fighting titles that the company had ever made. SNK Gals’ Fighters included eight playable characters along two hidden ones from the KOF and Art Of Fighting series. There were high profile names included SNK Gals’ Fighters including Mai Shiranui, Yuri Sakazaki, Leona Heidren and others could choose from.

SNK Gals’ Fighters also included a final boss known as “Miss X’ aka Lori Yagami who apparently cross dresses in this game. While the visuals for SNK Gals’ Fighters were impressive for a handheld game system 20 years ago the game was often criticized for its lack of difficulty. It should also be noted that SNK Gals’ Fighters did not have much of a storyline despite having some pretty cool cutscenes. If anything SNK Gals’ Fighters should have been released for PS1 or Dreamcast with far superior graphics. In terms of high profile female fighting titles that SNK made Gals’ Fighters is up there with SNK Heroines from 2018.

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