Retro Gaming 10’s- Gundam Extreme Vs : (2010)

As many people know we have not seen too many high profile Gundam games released in America; since the series is not as popular in the United States to the same extent as it is in Japan. There have been countless Gundam games that have been released for various game systems since the inception of the series back in the early 80’s. While many people have varying options on which games are the best within the legendary Japanese fictional military science franchise there are quite few titles that stand out from the 10’s decade. One of the few Gundam titles from the 10’s decade that stand out is Gundam Extreme Vs. from 2010. Gundam Extreme Vs. was developed and published by Namco Bandi Games and initially received an arcade release in ’10 before appearing on other game systems years after. Gundam Extreme Vs. was ported for the PS3 back in ’11 and remained a Japanese exclusive before the game received modifications and updates when other versions were eventually released. In April 2012 Gundam Extreme Vs. Full Boost was released in arcade centers before it was ported to the PlayStation 3 in January 2014.

Gundam also received additional arcade releases for Gundam Extreme Vs. known as Maxi Boost & Maxi Boost on which received arcade releases between the ’14-’18 time period. Gundam Extreme Vs. Maxi Boost ON was eventually released worldwide for the PS4 in July 2020; which is somewhat astounding since the original version of the game came out ten years prior to being released worldwide. Unlike, your average fighting game the in-game mechanics for Gundam Extreme Vs. was uniquely different. Gundam Extreme Vs. saw teams compete against one another after being given a resource meter of at least 6,000 points. The concept of each battle was for each team to have its competitor reach 0 points by destroying other mobile suits. The controls regarding the gameplay for Gundam Extreme Vs. seemed pretty simple as there was a button for different actions involving shooting, melee, searching and jumping. The inclusion of sub-commands by combining various button combinations for Special Melee or Special Shooting attacks.

One of the cool thing about the character selection in the Gundam Extreme Vs. games included how players needed a certain amount of points to select different types of mobile suit. The quality of each machine purchased using points correlated with how powerful or weak they were and could range anywhere between 1,000-3,000. The gameplay in Gundam Extreme Vs. was fast paced and looked similar to that J-Stars Victory Versus from 2014. Also, the third person shooter elements of Gundam Extreme Vs. mixed with the open space 3D fighting type of gameplay made for a very intriguing gaming experience. Players were able to utilize various type of weaponry during battles which was displayed on the side of the screen. The battles in Gundam Extreme Vs. seemed more tactical than your typical head to head fighting game and required more emphasis on strategy than anything else. The Gundam Extreme Vs games from the 10’s decade were definitely more popular than the Gundam: Dynasty Warriors titles from ’06-’10. Even though, Gundam Extreme Vs Maxi Boost on is currently available for the PS4 it would be cool if it received a worldwide release for the Nintendo Switch sometime in the future as well.

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