Retro Gaming 90’s- Art Of Fighting 3: (1996)

Art Of Fighting 3 was a fighting game from ’96 that was developed and published by SNK. Art Of Fighting 3 was initially released in Japan for Neo Geo & Neo Geo CD following its arcade release back in March 1996. This game was a direct sequel to Art Of Fighting 2 from ’94 and unfortunately the game was never released in America back in the ’90’s. The main story for Art Of Fighting 3 was interesting because SNK had decided to shift focus from the Sakazaki family to Robert Garcia. Art Of Fighting 3 saw Robert Garcia attempting to search for Friea Lawrence a childhood friend who is wanted by games main antagonist Wyler. While Garcia learns if Friea’s whereabouts in Glasshill, Mexico players eventually discovers that Wyler seeks to use her to create an elixir created by her father along with his. Art Of Fighting 3 was probably the first game within the entire series that had features such as motion capture which added realism to the 2D sprite animations of various characters during battles. Also, the character dialogue and interactions that was included in Art Of Fighting 3 was also a strong positive as well because it was another feature that had to the overall realism of the game itself.

The soundtrack for Art Of Fighting 3 was pretty good arguably not the most memorable within the entire series. The arcade styled 2D gameplay regarding Art Of Fighting 3 made for a great home console video game during the mid 90’s; despite the fact that more people in countries such as America were starting to turn to the lines of PS1 & N64 during ’96. If the Neo Geo console line was more affordable in America during ’96-’97 it could of possibly have been a decent attraction. The overall quality in terms of cutscenes and gameplay seen in Art Of Fighting 3 may not have ran as smoothly on the PS1 as it did on the Neo Geo game systems in ’96. Also, its quite possible that Art Of Fighting 3 would have been overshadowed in America by various titles within the fighting genre such as: Tekken 3, Mortal Kombat 4, X-Men vs Street Fighter and more in ’96-’97. While Art Of Fighting 3 would eventually go on to be released in America for various game systems between Spring 2013 and Spring 2020; the game’s appeal seemed much higher back in the 90’s opposed to the 10’s decade since the Art Of Fighting series was still popular back then.

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