Retro Gaming 90’s- Justice League Task Force: (1995)

Justice League Task Force was a game that was released initially released in ’95 for the Super NES and the Sega Genesis. Task Force May have been the first Justice League game that was ever made following its units development by Sunsoft. Justice League Task Force was published by Acclaim Entertainment and had different developers such as Blizzard Entertainment and Condor depending on what system it was on. Justice League Task Force was a 2D head to head fighting game that had popular heroic DC characters including Batman, Wonder Woman Superman, Flash, Green Arrow and Aquaman. Some people might compare Justice League Task Force to classic 2D arcade fighting games from the early 90’s such as Street Fighter II. However, Justice League Task Force had a storyline that included cutscenes and dialogue as players progressed throughout the arcade mode. The story for Justice League Task Force was interesting as it saw players battle other heroic DC characters with the one they chosen; only to find out that were cyborg replicates.

Players eventually discover that Darkseid is the final boss in JC: Task Force following his attack on Earth which primarily targeted the military bases. Before battling Darkseid head to head players had to defeat the likes of Cheetah and Despero who were also two high profile supervillains in the DC series. While Justice League Task Force was not big in sales and received mixed to negative reviews following its release; it was a game that was visual appealing on both the Super NES and Sega Genesis. Justice League Task Force was a game that was clearly intended for children more so than adults. Justice League Task Force lacked the blood in gore you would see in a Mortal Kombat or Killer Instinct game which adults went crazy for back in the 90’s. While controls for JC: Task Force were often described as poor it did work to the detriment to the overall quality of the game. While the storyline and visuals for Justice League Task Force are strong positives the negatives of the game ultimately detracted from its overall replay value. Justice League Task Force could have been better than it was if the game was more refined following its ’95 release.

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