Retro Gaming 90’s- Total Carnage: (1991)

As far as unique video games from the early 90’s are concerned the Total Carnage title from ‘91 was a game that was quite interesting to many people. For those who do not know Total Carnage was initially developed and published by Midway prior its arcade release before being ported to multiple game systems including the SNES, Game Boy, Amiga, MS-DOS and other game systems. Total Carnage was a overhead multidirectional shooter game that was very similar to Smash TV from 1990. Games like Total Carnage along with its spiritual prequel Smash TV were seen as innovative back in the early 90’s because it differed from the 2D side scrolling run n gun games that often appeared on the NES during the 80’s. While the arcade version of Total Carnage was praised there were some minor criticisms of the SNES version of the game since it was seen as inferior in terms of quality. Total Carnage was a pretty cool game with a basic plot that involved two player gameplay; people could choose either Captain Carnage or Major Mayhem as they try to stop dictator General Akhboob from conquering the world.

Total Carnage gave players a variety of weapons to use including a rapid fire gun, rocket launchers and flamethrowers as they destroyed various foes in each level. In fact, the stages in Total Carnage were so long that there were only three of them each with a challenging boss battle at the end. The cool thing about Total Carnage was the fact that players got to pick up where they left off by using as special passcode after a game over. Total Carnage stood out in arcade centers back in the early 90’s especially considering the fact that shooter games were somewhat popular during that time period. While Total Carnage was not a huge success financially but it was considered to be a game that was every bit as fun as Smash TV was in arcade centers in the early 90’s.

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