Retro Gaming 90’s- Saturday Night Slam Masters: (1993)

When down to memorable old school wrestling games from the early 90’s one of the few titles from that time period that comes to mind is the arcade classic known as Saturday Night Slam Masters. This was game that was both developed and published by Capcom and released back in ‘93 before it was ported to the Super NES and the Sega Genesis. Saturday Night Slam Masters was an exciting button mashing video game where each character had two special attacks in addition to finishing maneuver. Similar to just about another other wrestling game ever made players had to defeat their opponents via pinfall or submission. Saturday Night Slam Masters included game modes such as Singles Match and Team Battle Royale that involved players battling a series of CPU controlled opponents. The game included at least ten different characters to choose from including Mike Haggar from the Final Fight series.

The gameplay & graphics for Saturday Night Slam Saturday was solid overall and it ended up becoming one of the most popular arcade fighting titles of the mid 90’s. Despite, not being on the same level of popularity as WWF Wrestlefest from ‘91; Saturday Night Slam Masters had features such as 4-player gameplay that was also present in the arcade smash WWF Wrestlefest. Despite, Saturday Night Slam Masters not being as successful as WWF Wrestlefest it was still a arcade styled fighting game that appealed to both kids and adults. While the Genesis version of Saturday Night Slam Masters was viewed once a negative light the Super NES version of the game shined slightly more; despite not being as good as the original arcade version of the game due to console limitations. While it might not be considered one of the most high profile pro wrestling titles of the 90’s; Saturday Night Slam Masters was without doubt one of the most underrated games within that genre as it pertains to that decade in general.

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