Upcoming Games- Hitman 3: (2021)

One of the few upcoming games that everyone is talking about is Hitman 3 which will be developed and published by IO Interactive. The anticipated release time for Hitman 3 is January 2021 and its expected to appear on multiple game systems including PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Xbox Series X. Hitman 3 will also be playable on Microsoft Windows and Google Stadia as well as it serves as the direct sequel to Hitman 2 from 2018. Similar to its predecessor Hitman 3 will be a stealth game but this installment is expected to have a much darker tone overall. Those who are Steam users will be delighted to know that their progress from Hitman 2 can be carried over into Hitman 3 something that has yet to be confirmed for other game systems. It also have been mentioned that Hitman 3 will be Epic Store exclusive due to the partnership that IO Interactive has with Epic Games; this is following the debacle that Epic Games has with Apple.

Considering the fact Hitman 3 will be appearing on Google Stadia and is currently partnered with Epic Games it’s almost certain that iOS users will have no access to this game whatsoever. While a trailer for Hitman 3 has been revealed we are still in the dark as to what the plot is going to be about. Seeing how Hitman 3 is going to be released in the beginning of 2021 we will most likely learn more details about the game itself within the next couple of months. However, its been confirmed that campaign mode will be returning in Hitman 3 along with a new “Snipper Assassin Mode”. Some people will be bummed about the fact that 1v1 Ghost multiplayer mode will be absent in Hitman 3 but we will just have to see whether or not it will affect the overall quality of the game itself.

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