Should Sega have released a Phantasy Star V game for the Sega Saturn?

As far as big 16-bit sequels from the 90’s that the world never got to see are concerned Phantasy Star V is one that may be on the top of the list of many people who are retro gamers. As many people know the first two Phantasy Star games that appeared on the Mega Drive between ‘87-‘89 were concerned to be very popular. The Genesis/Mega Drive console was not was not well known for its RPG’s but the visual presentation of titles such as the Phantasy Star or the Shining series were pretty unique. Even though, the Phantasy Star games from the late 80’s-early 90’s were not as much of an attraction as the Sonic the Hedgehog trilogy on Sega’s 16-bit console; they were seen as worthy competitors to the Final Fantasy titles which appeared on Nintendo consoles during 8/16-bit era of gaming. While Phantasy Star IV from ‘93 was the final 16-bit installment within the series that appeared on the Genesis console many believe that Sega could have released a sequel on that system between ‘95-96. However, its common knowledge that 16-bit gaming was starting to decline in popularity around the mid 90’s due to the rise in popularity of 3D gameplay on consoles such as PS1 along with the N64.

Even though, Phantasy Star IV was critically acclaimed for the most part the game was on the receiving end of criticism for its flawed storyline despite the game being just as good as Phantasy Star II from ‘89. In fact, there had been criticism of Phantasy Star IV being too much like PSII in the sense where the graphics for the game felt outdated. While the visuals for Phantasy Star IV may have looked better than its ‘90 prequel; a carbon copy of Phantasy Star II with a different story & characters felt like somewhat of a step backwards in the eyes of some critics to what was overall a very solid JRPG. As far as a sequel to Phantasy Star IV is concerned it would have been interesting if Sega had released one for the Saturn console between ‘95-‘97. Despite, the Sega Saturn not achieving the same level of success as the Genesis console a Phantasy Star V game could have been a bigger attraction than the likes of Sonic 3D Blast or Shining Force III. If Sega had decided to utilize the offline action RPG gameplay from Phantasy Star Online for a Phantasy Star V game on the Saturn console during the mid 90’s it definitely could have been a huge attraction. After Phantasy Star IV from ‘94 the series needed something completely new and refreshing to fans of the series and the Phantasy Star Online game from 00’s was simply that. While Phantasy IV may have deserved a 2D sequel back in the 90’s a 3D Phantasy Star V game for the Sega Saturn or even Dreamcast would have been epic.

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