Would a new F-Zero game be a huge attraction in the 20’s decade?

As many people know the F-Zero series was very popular back in the 90’s and the 00’s with games appearing on consoles such as: Super Nintendo, N64 and Nintendo GameCube. The very first F-Zero games from ‘91 for Super Nintendo was arguably the most popular installment within the series due to its unique visuals & gameplay with the use of Mode 7. The soundtrack for the original F-Zero game was also pretty unique and was followed by a critically acclaimed 3D sequel in ‘98 entitled F-Zero X for the N64. The last major installment within the F-Zero series that we got to see was GX from ‘03; a game that rivaled the likes of Mario Kart: Double Dash for GameCube in terms of high replay value. Since the early 00’s we never got to see a high profile F-Zero game for consoles such as: Nintendo Wii, Wii-U or the Switch console. While Nintendo may have given up on the F-Zero series over fifteen years ago there are some retro gamer would love to see another entry within the series.

The question is whether or not a new F-Zero game be a huge attraction in the 2020’s decade? One of the closest things that we got to a new F-Zero game was racing title from 2017 entitled Fast RMX for the Nintendo Switch. Fast RMX was a game that was critically acclaimed for the most part since it was reminiscent of older 3D F-Zero games. However, Fast RMX was a racing title that was completely new while also lacking a storyline which detracted from the quality of game in terms of being on the same level as the likes of F-Zero GX. If Nintendo made a brand new F-Zero game similar to GX with emphasis on improved gameplay, high definition cinematic cutscenes and a compelling storyline than it would definitely be a huge attraction. But since Nintendo has shown no interest whatsoever on developing a new F-Zero game it seems very unlikely to happen. The F-Zero has been dead since the 00’s and the racing genre of gaming is not as popular now as it was during that decade.

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