When we talk about some of the best beam up games of the early 90’s its almost impossible to have that conversation with mentioning Streets Of Rage II. Not only wS Streets Of Rage II arguably the best non-Sonic video game that Sega has ever made but it also one of the greatest best em up titles of all-time. The basic plot, unforgettable soundtrack and level design of each stage were mesmerizing as players combat various foes in order to stop Mr. X and his syndicate throughout Streets Of Rage II. While Streets Of Rage II May not have been a top seller for the Sega Genesis from ’92 onwards its considered to be legendary within the game world. Seeing how popular Streets Of Rage II ended up becoming its questionable why the game never received an arcade release before appear on the Sega Genesis in ’92. Of Streets Of Rage II appeared in arcade centers before its official release its possible that it could of sold more than it did. While Streets Of Rage II may not have on the same level of popularity as the likes of TMNT: Turtles In Time from ’91 it comes pretty as far as top-tier beat em up’s are concerned.

There was no doubt that Sega’s Streets Of Rage II was more popular than Capcom’s Final Fight II & III games which came out between ’92-’95. While Streets Of Rage II may not have been quite as popular as the first Final Fight game from ’89 it still would made for a good alternative for people to play in arcade centers back in the early 90’s. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that that one of the greatest beat em up games ever made never received an arcade release especially during a time where the genre itself was more popular than it ever was. Its not really a matter of whether or not Streets Of Rage II could have worked in arcade centers because there is no doubt that it would of; the question is could an arcade release of Streets Of Rage II have lead to more gamers purchasing the Genesis version in ’92? Seeing that the Streets Of Rage II was still considered to be new by ’92 since the prequel came out in ’91 at least one game should of came from the series from the early 90’s; especially since we did not get an arcade release for Streets Of Rage III before or during ’95.

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