Retro Gaming 00’s- Jet Set Radio: (2000)

When it comes down to underrated classics from the early 00’s in terms of gaming one of the few titles that often gets overlooked is Jet Set Radio. For those who do not know Jet Set Radio was a game developed by Smilebit and published by Sega before its official release for Dreamcast in June 2000. Jet Set Radio was an action-platform sports game that emphasized the concept of rollerblading along with competition amongst street gangs in order to win turf within Tokyo-ko that was up for grabs. However, the competition in Jet Set Radio involved criminal activity in form of graffiti and was broadcasted by DJ Professor K; this leads to the increased presence of law enforcement lead by Captain Onishima to crackdown on street gangs within Tokyo-to. Jet Set Radio sees the main character Beat and his crew known as GG’s compete and defeat rival gangs such as Noise Tanks, Poison Jam along with the Love Shockers. Following their victories over rival gangs the GG’s end up releasing a mysterious record that has the power to unless a demon. In addition, to dropping a new vinyl record the GG’s acquire new members to their group named Combo & Cube.

The new GG members explain how their hometown Grind City has taken over by a conglomerate known as Rokkaku along with their friend named Coining captured in the process. Players then discover that the Rokkaku plans on stealing the GG’s vinyl record to make a contract with the demon it possesses in order to take over Tokyo-to. The GG members eventually defeat the main antagonist Goji Rokkaku who was the CEO of the Rokkaku conglomerate in end and an interesting discovery was made. Despite, Coin’s fate being unclear its learned that Goji was driven into madnesses by wealth; the streets of Tokyo-to also become free following Goji’s defeat towards the end of the game. As far as gameplay is concerned Jet Set Radio had some cool modes despite being a single-player only game. The Rival Showdown Mode allowed players to unlock new characters. The Street Mode was also plenty of fun because players had two different options in terms of what type of gameplay they could partake in. While one option in Street Mode consisted of tagging turf areas the other involved spraying members of a rival gang.

The cool thing about the the Street Mode In Jet Set Radio is that its somewhat similar to Grand Theft Auto; law enforcement presence increases as players partake in more criminal activity in relation to graffiti. Players can eventually unlock Trial Mode through completing certain parts of the game which adds to the overall replay value of Jet Set Studio. Since its release for Sega Dreamcast Jet Set Radio was critically acclaimed by various gaming publications and has received several re-releases on game systems such as the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows and PlayStation Vita in 2012. The storyline along with the cartoonish visuals with cel-shaded graphics made Jet Radio Radio standout; the game felt like it was ahead of its time since cel-shaded graphics did not begin to catch on in video games until the second half of the 00’s decade. Despite, the Dreamcast performing poorly in worldwide sales following its ’98 release Jet Set Radio from ’00 was definitely a timeless gem that emerged from Sega 128-bit game system.

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