Retro Gaming 10’s- Mario Party 9: (2012)

When we think about classic party games for the Nintendo Wii one of the few titles that instantly comes to mind is Mario Party 9 developed by NDCube and published by Nintendo in 2012. While Mario Party 9 May not be the most popular installment within its series it was a game that was memorable in terms of gameplay since players had to utilize the Wii Remote & Nunchucks to make thing happen within the game. Mario Party 9 was also memorable because it was the final game within its series to appear on the Wii console since Mario Party 8 appeared on Nintendo’s some console during May 2007. Also, Mario Party 8 had a different developer prior to its release in Spring 2007 since Hudson had worked on it before ultimately going defunct in March 2012. In fact, Hudson Soft had been the developer for just about every Mario Party game since the late 90’s when the first installment had appeared in the Nintendo 64 back in December 1998. Seeing that we had a new developer for Mario Party 9 there were some interesting changes that people saw in comparison to what we got from some of the previous installments within the series.

Along with impressive visuals we got to see improvements with mini games with more emphasis on gameplay. In addition, to better gameplay in relation mini games the idea of having boss boss battles halfway through each board definitely made Mario Party 9 more interesting than its predecessor. The new features in Mario Party 9 were pretty cool especially considering the fact that its possible that we would have not seen those elements within game if Hudson Soft had remained the developer for a few more years. The inclusion on twelve different characters with two bonus villain characters Shy Guy and Kamek as unlockables was something that people definitely found interesting. There were various playable characters in Mario Party 9 including popular characters such as: Mario, Luigi Princess Peach, Toad, Yoshi, Princess Daisy, Yoshi, Waluigi and others that made Mario Party 9 enjoyable despite not being the best installment within the series. In fact, Mario Party 9 had managed to sell at least 2.7 million copies on the Nintendo Wii since its release on the Nintendo Wii back in 2012. Mario Party 9 managed to be within the 25 best selling video games for the Wii console despite not selling as much as Mario Party 8 which sold at least 8.8 million copies worldwide since its release in ’07. While Mario Party 9 was mainly criticized for elements such as predictably many would still consider it to be a pretty decent game overall.

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