Epic Games Hires A New President!!!

As far as interesting developments within the gaming world are concerned there have been quite a few since the start of 2020. Recently, we have seen one of the Co-Founders Of RockStar Games David Houser leave the company after being there since ’98 which came has a shock to many people. One of the few things everyone is talking about right now concerns Epic Games and how former Nike Chief Digital Officer Adam Sussman has become the company’s new President. It turns out that Epic Games has been looking for a new President since June 2019 following the departure of Paul Meegan when he resigned from the company. It should be noted that Adam Sussman had spent over five years at Nike and has quite the resume as it pertains to holding various senior business positions within different companies.

Prior to working with Nike Sussman was at Zynga where he was the VP of Global Publishing from 2012-2014. Also Sussman has previous worked at the Walt Disney Company for DIMG Games as the Senior VP of Publishing for less than a year back in 2011. Prior to his tenure at Walt Disney Company in 2011 Sussman had worked for Electronic Arts for four years from 2007 until the time of his departure from the company. During the mid 00’s Sussman was also the Vice President and General Manager Of Take Two Interactive from 2005-2007; Sussman’s time at Take Two Interactive was preceded by his tenure within The Walt Disney Company as a director from 1999 until 2005. Based on what we know about Adam Sussman’s background he seems well suited for the President position at Epic Games. While Sussman is ecstatic about making his return within the gaming world many people including himself has high hopes for the future of Epic Games as it pertains to 2020.

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