Final Fantasy VII: Remake Exclusivity Delayed until 2021?

Final Fantasy VII: Remake is a RPG that people have been waiting to see on the PS4 since the mid 10’s and it seemed like we were finally going to get it this year. However, there has been reports floating around that the highly anticipated JRPG Remake will have PS4 exclusivity until 2021 for reasons that are unclear as of right now. Its quite possible that Square Enix is taking more time in making sure that Final Fantasy VII: Remake is well polished for its future release on other game systems such as Microsoft Windows. However, many people who are fans of the Final Fantasy series are most likely disappointed with this news since the release date of FFVII: has been delayed multiple times which can ultimately contribute to the masses losing interest in the game itself. Its somewhat odd to think that the Final Fantasy VII: Remake was not set to appear on other gaming systems such asMicrosoft Windows; but we end up with Final Fantasy VII: Remake being playable only for the PS4 until March 2021.

While many people have enjoyed the PS4 console throughout the majority of the 10’s decade it seems like PC gaming has been more popular in general among the masses. However, there is no question that the Final Fantasy VII: Remake will be a huge attraction on the PS4 throughout the rest of 2020 along with the early part of 2021 until we hopefully get a PC version or possibly a Switch version of the game in the future.

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