Nintendo Switch Online reaches 15,000,000 subscribers!!!

It looks there has been a lot of interstellar news within the gaming world as of late along with the growing popularity of Nintendo Switch Online being one of them. As far as subscribers are concerned Nintendo Switch Online has apparently jumped from having over 10 million in July 2019 to having at least 15 million. Its no secret that Nintendo Switch Online has been around for over a year following its launch back in September 2018; since then many people have been attracted to Nintendo’s online subscription due to the retro NES/SNES titles that have been featured along with online multiplayer gameplay certain games. However, there is no question that Nintendo Switch Online still has a very long way to go before catching up with lines of PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live as far as subscribers are concerned. As it currently stands Playstation Plus has at least 36 million subscribers which was something that we learned in late 2019. But during the start of 2019 it was revealed at Xbox Live had over 64 million subscribers which is not surprising since the online service has been around since the 00’s. Also, the Xbox Live is accessible on more platforms such as: Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, iOS and Android.

While we are still towards the beginning of 2020 and its always possible that the number of subscribers for the Nintendo Switch Online can increase significantly especially since the console itself is performing very well in terms of sales. However, just because more people are purchasing the Nintendo Switch it does not guarantee that the number off subscribers will necessarily increase. But then again the $20 yearly subscription fee for the NES/SNES online video game library very tempting and will most likely continue to play a substantial role in attracting more people throughout 2020.

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