Retro Gaming 10’s- Red Dead Redemption: (2010)

When we think about some of most popular action-adventure titles from the early 10’s titles such as Dishonored, Assassin’s Creed III & IV, God Of War III and others from that particular time period. However, of the few titles that instantly comes to mind in relation to memorable high profile action-adventure titles is RockStar’s Red Dead Redemption game from 2010. This third-person western themed video game is considered to be one of the best action-adventure titles of the 10’s decade for various reasons including its single-player/multiplayer gameplay along with the storytelling aspects featured in Red Dead Redemption. There was so much time invested in the development of Red Dead Redemption especially since it took approximately five years to complete the game before it was officially released. It should also be noted that the original Red Dead Redemption game has a budget of $100 million dollars and is considered to be one of the most expensive video games ever developed along with the likes of Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Grand Theft Auto V and Destiny. The plot for Red Dead Redemption starts off in the early part of the 20th century in the fictionalized setting of Western America and Mexico in 1911.

In Red Dead Redemption players control an outlaw by the name of John Marston who is also the main protagonist of the game. Following his separation from his family by the Bureau of Investigation Marston is offered a pardon for his past crimes following his agreement to bring down past fellow gang members in order to turn them over to justice. After being extorted by the Bureau Of Investigation Marston eventually forms various alliances throughout the game to help take down former comrades. The storytelling in Red Dead Redemption 2 was very intriguing due to its unpredictability in relation to the twists and turns that played out in the game. An example would be Agustín Allende’s betrayal of Marston in order to aid the rebels considering the fact that he was a Mexican Army Colonel. Allende’s double-crossing of Marston was shocking because players eventually discovered that former ally Bill Williamson was being protected by him after Javier Escuella is discovered by John & Abraham Reyes and spills beans. Marston was also double-crossed Edgar Ross who eventually orders for John’s execution by sending numerous soldiers and government officials after him despite fulfilling his obligations to him and Archer Fordham.

The death of John Marston was dark & tragic which many people would argue made for a great story since it was realistic. John Marston was mainly an anti-hero he ultimately became a victim in the end as corrupt authority figures used him to do their bidding and broke their promise to him making Ross & Fordham the true villains of Red Dead Redemption. Along with having a fantastic story the gameplay for Red Dead Redemption was praised by both fans and critics with the “Most Wanted” system being similar to the criminal rating mechanic from the GTA series. The inclusion of a bounty count made the “Most Wanted” system more realistic as players were pursued by more hunters depending on how many crimes they committed. The online multiplayer gameplay was also a strong positive in Red Dead Redemption especially considering the fact it allowed up sixteen players simultaneously as it related co-op and competition action. Not only was Red Dead Redemption considered be one of the best games of 2010 but its also viewed as of top action-adventure titles of the 10’s decade. Red Dead Redemption eventually spawned a highly successful sequel entitled Red Dead Redemption 2 released back in October 2018 which has managed to reach over 23 million copies within a year. The very first Red Dead Redemption was without a doubt one of the best games to have come out of the early 10’s; its also a memorable gem for the PS3 & Xbox 360 that people still talk about to this day.

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