Nintendo Switch Lite sales figure in Japan!!!!

It seems like Nintendo has been in the spotlight a lot as of late especially considering the fact that the company has just celebrated its 130th birthday. In addition, to celebrating Nintendo being around for over a millennium we have recently learned that one of the companies latest consoles known as the Switch Lite has been making a decent amount of progress in relation to sales. As far as numbers are concerned it has recently been revealed that the Nintendo Switch Lite has reached over 177,000 in sales within the first three days of its release in Japan. While some might argue that that the sale 177,000 units within 72 hours is not that great it should be noted that the landscape of gaming is rapidly changing. Now Google Stadia along with Apple Arcade are becoming attractions to gamers in addition to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One along with upcoming consoles Project Scarlett and the PlayStation 5.

The Nintendo Switch Lite should not be expected to sell as much as the original Switch console since it can only be played as a handheld console at 720p. Also, people still have the option of purchasing the Nintendo 2DS along with the Nintendo 3D XL for decent prices as well. In fact, some might argue that Nintendo has more than enough handheld gaming devices in retail right now which is something that might ultimately effect the sales of the Switch Lite in the long run. Either way, the Switch Lite seems to be doing well in Japan and it will be interesting to see how much the handheld console does in sales after a year has gone by.

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