Will Nintendo Switch Lite sell one million units within its first month?

As far as upcoming releases are concerned we learned not too long ago that the Nintendo Switch Lite will be released in electronic retail stores this upcoming Fall in September 2019. The price tag for the Nintendo Switch Lite is $199 which is at least $100 than what the original Switch console was she it was released back in March 2017. As far as how well the Switch Lite is going to do in sales is something that remains to be seen. In fact, its questionable on whether or not the Switch Lite will reach over 1 million in sales within a month especially considering the competition that is going to exist in Fall 2019 with Google Stadia, Apple Arcade along with the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4. While the Switch Lite is not considered to be a replacement for the Nintendo 3DS its seems more like a cheaper alternative for the original Switch console for those who are mainly into handheld gaming.

The Switch Lite is a console that people will be able to plug into their television and play so the highest possible quality they can receive is 720p. While its possible that the Switch Lite will be a bigger retail attraction than the Nintendo 3DS from Fall 2019 onwards it seems unlikely going to sell as much as the original Switch console did within its first month.

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